New Zealand - Day 0

Well I'm here in the Melbourne International airport getting ready for my first overseas trip - to New Zealand!

Today has been a whirlwind day of charging devices, spending and exchanging money, and hoping that Jetstar doesn't look too closely at how much my carry on luggage weighs.

It's 10:50pm at the moment and I've been living in the airport since about 1:30pm. When I put it like that it doesn't sound like so long, but it's harder than you might think to kill time at the airport. 

In roughly five hours I'll be picking up my transport in Christchurch ( and driving to my first shoot location, which I'm thinking will be a hilly area to the south of Christchurch, where I hope to get a decent cityscape shot. It all depends on finding a clear location to shoot from in the dark/blue hour in a completely foreign country, getting a decent sunrise, and having some snow on the mountains in the background. I can't be sure of any of these three things, so we'll see hey?

From there I'll be off to some small town a couple of hours north of Christchurch where baby seals apparently hang out in a waterfall (omg) and then south again to the Moeraki boulders for sunset. I've got no idea how the weather is going to hold up, and whether I'll spend ridiculous amounts of money on fuel on just my first day, but with any luck it'll be a successful day one in New Zealand!