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Starting Somewhere

Phil KittComment

Hello there!

After two years of practicing what could be loosely described as professional photography, I think I've finally found a home for my work.

I've dabbled with many platforms over the two years. Format, Tumblr, Wordpress - even Squarespace once before. None have offered precisely what I need, and thus I've ended up with half a dozen unfinished websites, which I've never been comfortable showing off. 

I'm not sure whether Format or Squarespace was my first site, but for the sake of the story, let's say it was Squarespace. I've now come full circle and settled on this as a platform for my work. Squarespace has come a long way with the way it presents portfolios, and makes it super easy to upload new galleries. It also has some fantastic apps for the iPad, which I recently purchased and have been using a lot for my photography - I may in fact write a blog post later regarding the power of the iPad as a photography tool. I hope I remember to do that...

Anyway I've got photos from Festival of Voices tonight to edit before I'm allowed to bed, so I'd better get to it!