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Hi. I'm Phil.


I shoot a variety of subjects. Here are a few!



As a resident of Tasmania I've been blessed with the ability to go on regular adventures and shoot some stunning landscapes. While I haven't been able to do as much travel as I would like, I've also ventured interstate to Victoria, and internationally to New Zealand.



The majority of my professional career has been spent shooting events, from arts festivals to corporate events, birthdays, receptions and weddings. I've covered a range of events for diverse clients including Tourism Tasmania, Broadsheet Melbourne and Redbull Australia.



I've also shoot a range of commercial subjects including portrait shoots, interior/exterior real estate photography, as well as food/drink shots at restaurants. Clients have included Broadsheet Melbourne, Urban Walkabout, Youth Hostels Australia and Audi Australia.

Want to know who I am?

About Me / 

Hi. I'm Phil. While I have no problem talking about myself at length, writing about myself is another matter entirely, so bear with me.

I'm a professional photographer and aspiring film-maker, currently based in Hobart, Tasmania, with designs on moving to Melbourne, VIctoria in the next few weeks. 

I've been a photographer for roughly four years now, after leaving my previous life as an IT Technician, largely for government agencies such as the Tasmanian Education Department and the CSIRO. While the life is certainly a lot tougher, I'm far more fulfilled by creating content than keeping computers ticking. 



Events /

Festival of Voices 14/15/16/17
Dark Mofo 14/15/16/17
Mona Foma 14/15/16/17
Falls Festival 13/14/15/16
a Festival Called Panama 14/15
Party in the Paddock 14/15/16
Blacklist 15/16

Clients /

Audi Australia
Broadsheet Melbourne
Urban Walkabout
Planet Broadcasting
Festival of Voices
Party in the Paddock

Connect /



I try to write as often as I can. It's not often.


New Zealand : Five Locations and Five Lessons.

Last August I took a trip to New Zealand to shoot some landscape photography. I learned a lot from my short travels, and have decided to finally get around to sharing some of those lessons!


Coming Soon...



Coming Soon...


All the gear and... some idea?

A lot of creatives loathe being asked the question "what gear do you use?". Ultimately your ability to create interesting, engaging, high-quality content rests with your skill and creativity, not necessarily the gear you use. That said, knowing what the professionals use and finding out that it's not out of reach can go a long way to giving you the confidence to get out there and shoot.

While some of my equipment is expensive high-end gear, some of it isn't, and some of it is newly acquired gear that I haven't had access to for most of my career.


My primary camera at the moment is a Fujifilm X-T2. I recently made the switch to a mirrorless system after damaging my now secondary camera, a Canon 6D. While it took some time to get used to, I vastly prefer the Fuji. Keep an eye out for an in depth discussion on this switch.


While I'm in transition, I have a mix of lenses for my Fuji and Canon systems. I picked up a Fuji 10-24mm f4.0 for landscape work, and a 27mm f2.8 pancake lens for regular walking-around shooting. I'll need a mid-range portrait lens and a telephoto to round out the kit, but my secondary Canon system picks up that slack for now. I use a Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II and Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART for the majority of event work, and still have an old damaged 17-40mm f4.0L that I mostly use for landscape timelapses.  

Other Devices

I shoot photo and video content from above using a DJI Mavic Pro drone, which is just fantastic. Portability and ease of use are important to me as I like to have as few hurdles as possible between inspiration and actually creating something. The Mavic packs and deploys incredibly quickly compared to most other drones. 

I also shoot video using a DJI Osmo+, which allows me to capture stabilised 4k video easily and affordably. 


I'm currently using a Lowepro Protactic 450AW camera bag to lug around all my gear. Inside are an assortment of accessories, most notably my Lee Filters system which includes a set of 3 Graduated Neutral-Density Filters (1, 2 and 3 Stop Hard) and a Lee Filters Big Stopper (10 stop). I also have a set of Polarpro NDCPL filters for my Mavic Pro. Strapped to the outside is a Mefoto Globetrotter tripod. I also use a custom camera strap from that always gets me compliments.


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