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Landscape Photography


Binalong Bay

January 2018

Cradle Mountain

January 2018



Cape Raoul










Strahan Trip

December 2017

Hobart Waterfalls


After a few days of rain over Hobart, the waterfalls in the area were absolutely pumping with water. I hit up a few popular local waterfalls to get some shots, and unfortunately managed to drop my camera in one of them! With any luck everything will get sorted out with insurance, but I may end up editing this little blurb to remove the painful memory.


The Needles


This mountain range has become one of my favourite places to visit for a medium-distance, medium-intensity mountain trek. Located about thirty minutes farther west than Mt. Field, on the road to Gordon Dam, The Needles rises up out of the forest and makes for a particularly imposing sight during winter. On this particular day, I made it to the top just in time to watch a storm roll in over the western hills, forcing a hasty descent as heavy rains began and lightning crashed around me.

Snug Falls



One of my most recent adventures was a small trip to Snug Falls. Despite having driven all around Tasmania and gone on numerous little adventures like this, I'd never been to Snug Falls before. I think there's a certain feeling we have that we've experienced everything there is to experience in the place we grew up. Trekking to this little oasis was a real eye-opener, and will hopefully inspire me to do yet more exploring in my immediate area.

Surf's Up


I was lucky enough to run into a friend at Clifton Beach while I was out searching for places to fly my drone. She was about to head to a secluded area of the beach to surf, so I tagged along and took some stress-free shots from above. Surfers are a common subject for drone photography, but it's hard to know whether you'll bother people by getting too close. Thankfully that wasn't an issue this time!


kunanyi / Mt. Wellington


On one of the last snowy days of the year, a friend and I did a quick mission to the top of kunanyi / Mt. Wellington to check things out. Despite it looking as though all the snow had melted from down in the city, the summit still held a healthy layer of ice, and it turned into a surprisingly productive day!


Tessellated Trip




Cape Hauy



Great Ocean Road