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Landscape Photography


Binalong Bay

January 2018

The second leg of my adventure was spent on the east coast of Tasmania, specifically at the Bay of Fires. I'd been to this location a couple of times, but always headed further up the coast from Binalong Bay. This time I was determined to get my own capture of the famous tree at Binalong Bay, and after spending the sunset scouting the location and angles, I tested my luck for the sunrise.



Cradle Mountain

January 2018

Early in the new year, I pushed myself to get out on some multi-day adventures around the state. New Year New Me, right? 

Leg one of the trip was spent driving to Cradle Mountain, where I attempted to shoot a disappointing sunset from one of the lookouts surrounding the peaks. None of those shots have survived to make it onto my website, save for that cute little corvid.  I did manage to take a range of shots of the mountain and boatshed, which are each similar yet distinct enough to all feature in this section.

Highlights : Listening to a photographer who was on a guided tour whinge and whine with supposed authority about how bad the conditions were, while I quietly went about my business making the best of the situation.

Listening to my very first episodes of my now favourite Podcast, Pod Save America. Ah if only i could go back and listen to it all again...



Cape Raoul










Strahan Trip

December 2017

Hobart Waterfalls


After a few days of rain over Hobart, the waterfalls in the area were absolutely pumping with water. I hit up a few popular local waterfalls to get some shots, and unfortunately managed to drop my camera in one of them! With any luck everything will get sorted out with insurance, but I may end up editing this little blurb to remove the painful memory.


The Needles


This mountain range has become one of my favourite places to visit for a medium-distance, medium-intensity mountain trek. Located about thirty minutes farther west than Mt. Field, on the road to Gordon Dam, The Needles rises up out of the forest and makes for a particularly imposing sight during winter. On this particular day, I made it to the top just in time to watch a storm roll in over the western hills, forcing a hasty descent as heavy rains began and lightning crashed around me.

Snug Falls



One of my most recent adventures was a small trip to Snug Falls. Despite having driven all around Tasmania and gone on numerous little adventures like this, I'd never been to Snug Falls before. I think there's a certain feeling we have that we've experienced everything there is to experience in the place we grew up. Trekking to this little oasis was a real eye-opener, and will hopefully inspire me to do yet more exploring in my immediate area.

Surf's Up


I was lucky enough to run into a friend at Clifton Beach while I was out searching for places to fly my drone. She was about to head to a secluded area of the beach to surf, so I tagged along and took some stress-free shots from above. Surfers are a common subject for drone photography, but it's hard to know whether you'll bother people by getting too close. Thankfully that wasn't an issue this time!


kunanyi / Mt. Wellington


On one of the last snowy days of the year, a friend and I did a quick mission to the top of kunanyi / Mt. Wellington to check things out. Despite it looking as though all the snow had melted from down in the city, the summit still held a healthy layer of ice, and it turned into a surprisingly productive day!


Tessellated Trip




Cape Hauy



Great Ocean Road