To The Left, To The Left.

I'll often find myself shooting a location with very little excitement or enthusiasm. When you set out to a shoot location you can never quite be sure what conditions you'll find, particularly for a sunrise or sunset shoot, and it can be easy to lose heart if you've driven a long way for a fairly pedestrian sky.

Such was the case with this shot, taken on a hazy afternoon among hordes of tourists. I found myself going through the motions, framing up the shots I'd like to take under better conditions, then packing up and going home.

Of course once I got home and did some retouching, I actually found I prefer this photo to anything I've previously shot at the Twelve Apostles, and like it enough to share it with you now.

Oh yeah, and this is the view to the left of the main viewing platform.

Fuji X-T2 + Fujinon 10-24mm F4 | 1/30sec @ f/11 ISO200