Why I'm Switching to Fuji

I've been a Canon shooter for my whole career, and apparently even before that. When it came time to choosing my first DSLR I didn't even consider picking up a Nikon. I don't know what brand exposure I had in my old life, but apparently Canon's advertising branch had done their job, and I was pre-sold on their gear before I ever knew I wanted to be a photographer.

I've been shooting for almost five years now, and largely on the one body. My first camera was the entry-level 1100D which served me well when I was just figuring out exactly how much I liked photography. I quickly picked up a 6D, and aside from occasionally borrowing a 5Dmk3, I've shot my entire career on that camera. 

Two years ago I lost my first 6D to rain damage trying to shoot a sunset at Cradle Mountain. I vaguely recall considering some other options for a replacement, but ended up settling on a replacement 6D. At the time I still didn't consider the 5D3 to have sufficient additional features to warrant the extra $1000+ it would cost - today the decision would give me pause.

Flash forward a couple of years to just last week, and I've lost my second camera to water, this time in more dramatic fashion. The heavy flows in local waterfalls after a couple of days of rain were too much to resist, and one dodgy tripod placement later, my entire system was submerged. Thankfully I was insured for this disaster just as I was two years prior. 

And so today I'm faced with the same choice I was faced with two years ago, what camera will replace my venerable 6D? While the like-for-like replacement was an obvious choice two years ago, a lot has changed in the last two years. The original 6D has been discontinued, and its replacement, the 6Dmk2 is $1000 more expensive. The 5Dmk4 and 5DS/R are even more out of reach price-wise. Mirrorless cameras have also improved dramatically since 2015, with Fuji, Sony and Panasonic all releasing competitive mirrorless models.

Ok you've read the title of this post, I'll cut to the chase. Last night I spent $3500 on Fuji gear. It won't be here for another few days, but I'm the proud owner of a Fujifilm XT-2 + Fuji XF 10-24mm f4 + Fuji XF 27mm 2.8.